Danish dating customs

Map makers of the time had no idea of its exact position but did believe it existed some where west of Europe.

Danish dating customs

However, it did prove that a leather currach as described in the Navigatio could have made such a voyage as mapped out in the text.

There is also no doubt that the Irish were frequent seafarers of the North Atlantic sea currents 900 years before the voyage of Columbus. Barry Fell, indicate that they are written in Old Irish using the Ogham alphabet. Fell, the “ West Virginia Ogham texts are the oldest Ogham inscriptions from anywhere in the world.

So friendly, that perhaps they may have lifted the monk’s boat in a playful gesture!

After stopping at the Hebrides islands, Severin proceeded to the Danish Faroe Islands.

Also known as Brandan and Borodon, Brendan was born about 484 A. Legend says that the community had at least three thousand monks — their rule dictated to Brendan by an angel.

He was ordained by Bishop Erc and sailed around northwest Europe spreading the Christian faith and founding monasteries — the largest at Clonfert, County Galway.

They were able to make a repair with a piece of leather sewn over the hole.

They landed on the island of Newfoundland on June 26, 1977.

He died at the age of 93 and he was buried at the monastery in 577 A. Brendan and his brothers figure prominently in Brendan's Voyage, a tale of monks travelling the high seas of the Atlantic, evangelizing to the islands, and possibly reaching the Americas in the 6th century.

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