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I decided then and there that Bob wasn't ready for the privilege of cumming so it was time for me to control that part of his life as well.I found what I wanted online after hours of careful research.

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My husband, Bobby, is standing with his nose in the corner, quietly sobbing, as he contemplates the ill-advised temper tantrum that he threw this afternoon.

His sobbing is due to a very sore bottom, for which I take credit foróalthough to be fair, my favorite wooden paddle should also take some of the credit too.

I would agree to marry him only if he was willing to abide by all my decisions.

In effect, I would be the head of the house as well as our marriage.

It was then, while he lay over my lap sobbing like a baby, that I had my epiphany.

What Bob needed was not so much a wifeówhat he needed was a mother, and one that was not afraid to be both strict and harsh when necessary.

While I am quite well naturally endowed in that area, I didn't believe for one second, his story about trying to say that he was fantasizing about me while doing his dirty deed. Bob is both physically smaller and psychologically inferior to me, so I had little difficulty in forcing him to do whatever I wanted.

I yanked him over my lap and proceeded to blister his butt with my hairbrush, scolding him like I were his own mother.

Because I don't always have the time or inclination to change his wet diapers or put him to bed in his nursery, so I hired Julie to help out on occasions like today. I more or less tolerated him, since we worked together and he pestered me continually about dating him.

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