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Development in the Middle Ages favored "round ships", with a broad beam and heavily curved at both ends.Another important ship type was the galley which was constructed with both sails and oars.

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They mounted a single square sail on a yard, with an additional spar along the bottom of the sail. The ships of Phoenicia seem to have been of a similar design.

The naval history of China stems back to the Spring and Autumn period (722 BC–481 BC) of the ancient Chinese Zhou Dynasty.

These are a group of 14 ships discovered in Abydos that were constructed of wooden planks which were "sewn" together.

Discovered by Egyptologist David O'Connor of New York University, Early Egyptians also knew how to assemble planks of wood with treenails to fasten them together, using pitch for caulking the seams.

The ancient Chinese also built ramming vessels as in the Greco-Roman tradition of the trireme, although oar-steered ships in China lost favor very early on since it was in the 1st century China that the stern-mounted rudder was first developed.

This was dually met with the introduction of the Han Dynasty junk ship design in the same century.

The Chinese built large rectangular barges known as "castle ships", which were essentially floating fortresses complete with multiple decks with guarded ramparts.

There is considerable knowledge regarding shipbuilding and seafaring in the ancient Mediterranean.

Archeological investigations done at Portus near Rome have revealed inscriptions indicating the existence of a 'guild of shipbuilders' during the time of Hadrian.

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