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For anyone who has experienced rejection because of epilepsy, the mere thought of dating can bring on feelings of hurt and shame. “Oftentimes, a diagnosis of epilepsy will have little impact on dating or establishing relationships, especially if seizures are under good control,” says Jennifer Langer, M.

D., an assistant professor who specializes in epilepsy at the University of Virginia’s Department of Neurology.

People are usually interested in finding out what happens during a does not mean you cannot live a normal life.

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But, yes, it is important to talk about it sooner rather than later especially if you are worried about having a , because you are worried about how they may react, you may find that when you do tell them that they handle the news well and if they genuinely care about you they will be interested in knowing more about the happens.

People feel they are able to cope with situations better when they know what to expect.

You photo should not: I hereby expressly grant UCB the right to use my photograph and use my picture, silhouette and other reproductions of physical likeness in connection with educational or public relations activities or for any purpose UCB wants.

I hereby expressly grant the use of my photo with or without my name for purposes including, but not limited to: educational materials, internet, radio or television news media, or otherwise.During his first year of college he began having seizures in his sleep, and Scribner chose to disclose his condition before moving forward in his relationship.“It’s a very personal decision, so if you’re having seizures on a weekly or monthly basis, it raises the stakes,” says Scribner, who notes that for people who experience frequent seizures it’s important to share the information early on.Most people said that they weren't particularly concerned about the possibility of having a seizure during sex because their partners were very understanding and would know what was happening.As one woman summed up; “If I have a fit when having sex, I have a fit, I've got epilepsy.” A couple of people said they would find it embarrassing it if happened to them and that this was even more of a reason for them to talk about epilepsy early on with their girlfriend or boyfriend.I don't have issues so it's kind of a one way information flow in that I tell them about it, what I'm feeling, what to look out for and that kind of thing, and I hear their worries but, mainly if I don't tell them that it's an issue they're not going to assume it is an issue.

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