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Here we will discuss what programs are currently available, spousal predators, and what programs should be available....

Spousal Abuse affects individuals of all social classes and gender and both males and females are victims of spousal abuse.

Abuse of men is not a topic commonly known or discussed in our society as easily as abuse of females for various reasons.

[tags: essays research papers] - Missing Tables Male aggression is largely attributed to spousal abuse "The truth is somewhere outside the circle." -ancient proverb The pervasiveness of spousal abuse is traceable from culture to culture.

Every culture has a its unique way of dealing with spousal abuse.

[tags: Zora Neale Hurston, short story] - Domestic violence dates back to the beginning of time, but has only really made an impact within the last one hundred years.

Domestic violence can be defined as “any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship” and can include a single act, or a reoccurring act amongst the victim and offender (Edmonton Police Service).Modern day courts rely more on preserving the sanctity of the marriage than preserving the incompetence standard....[tags: essays research papers fc] - There are several different types of abuse and each type affects people differently.Under common law spouses are considered to be one and the same.Since the 16th century the issue of spouse’s and their ability to give evidence against their partners has become more and more complicated.The main reason for the new recognition of this old problem is the increasing number of aging Americans. Elderly abuse in modern times is more prevalent that in ancient times, because of the few that were tasked with the duties....

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