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I did some “googling” and sifted through my own movie library and came up with 8 great Christian romance movies for you that you shouldn’t have to fret over.

I would also suggest that you might not want to wait for someone to watch these with. Grab your snacks, drinks and maybe a tissue and get comfortable as you settle in for a good Christian romance movie.

If there's one thing we evangelicals are good at creating, it's a backlash. That's not a bad thing—in fact, resisting and challenging the troubling dimensions of mainstream culture is what we are supposed to do.

But sometimes our reactions are so extreme that they become a problem themselves.

Ok Cupid is popular among younger adults, but according to one report most people on the site identify as agnostic or atheist, which turned off one customer.

“I qualify as ‘spiritual but not religious,'" explained Jen, "but there seems to be a void for that kind of thing." Other people find that religious websites are too narrow, even within their own tradition.

She converted, against my wishes, and we're pretty happy.” Ultimately, most people on religious dating sites are looking for the same thing as non-religious dating sites -– find someone whom they can love with their whole heart, mind and spirit and hope that having the same religion will increase the chances of success.

February 14 is upon us, and though the cards, chocolates and teddy bears of contemporary Valentine’s Day may seem a far cry from the 5th century feast of a Roman saint, we still love to celebrate love.

Modern day romance is a fluid beast, and the expectations and demands of a rapidly changing culture have transformed the landscape of love.

To examine those shifts, this article draws from a number of Barna studies and demographic data, including many from Barna Trends, and takes a peek at the changing dynamics of marriage and singleness, the trends toward premarital cohabitation, the impact of online dating and the possibilities of finding love at work.

I believe we are seeing such a backlash now regarding marriage.

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