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The 26-year-old English actress was upped to a series regular on "Game of Thrones" this season, so you'll be seeing a lot more of her.Emmanuel, who made our Best Dressed list last week, is also making her major big screen debut this year in "Furious 7." During her GQ photo shoot, Emmanuel shared some dating tips for women.

The Review, by contrast, is unafraid to be judged, taking on campus liberals as well as Stanford’s small but highly vocal far left in spite of frequent (and sometimes vicious and personal) backlash.

And while The Review does publish some moderate pieces, its right-wing articles are its historical hallmark and tend to get the most attention.

Winter may be coming on "Game of Thrones," but not for actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who dons a nude bodysuit in the April issue of GQ.

Emmanuel is best known as Missandei on the HBO series, the translator and advisor to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

In its first few volumes (it generally has two volumes per academic year), The Review condemns a “vocal few” who have monopolized discussion, and it presents itself as an alternative to a stifling, overwhelmingly left-wing campus orthodoxy.

In various articles, Thiel and the editorial board critique how the phrase “open-mindedness” seems to them to merely refer to “those who agree with one position.” They advocate that Stanford should focus on “institutionalized liberalism” rather than “the supposed ‘institutionalized racism.’” And they argue that the university should not abolish the then-existing ‘Western Culture’ literature program but rather “actually strengthen the current program’s focus on the West.” The fate of the ‘Western Culture’ academic program, which was soon to be replaced with a ‘Cultures, Ideas, and Values’ program that mandated more works by female and non-white authors and also mandated more non-white faculty teach in it, was then a major flashpoint of controversy on campus and an inspiration for founding The Review.

Its 1997-2010 IRS filings are accessible online through Pro Publica’s Non Profit Explorer.

In the IRS filings available, The Review averages donations of about ,000 per fiscal year, with the bulk of its expenses going to printing and shipping its volumes on campus and to alumni and contributors.

And in a world where money is power, Thiel is not afraid to wield his power. 28, 2015, several months before Thiel was revealed to be the funder of a lawsuit that bankrupted renegade media company Gawker, which had covered his political activities negatively and outed him as gay in 2007, the Stanford grad (BA ’89, JD ’92) giddily told several Stanford undergraduates in a private meeting at his San Francisco home about his imminent destruction of what he called a “universally reviled organization.” Four undergrads present at the meeting confirmed the story, a seemingly out-of-character — however vague — disclosure from the quite private Thiel.

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