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First, while Western conservatives tend to blame feminism and contraception for any fertility problems their country is purportedly having, the culprit could just as easily be an excess of gender traditionalism.

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In Hispanic community, gender roles are traditional and there are various ways on how Hispanics view gender roles even in other places o dwellings like US.

Hispanics apparently bring their culture with them when migrating and still, they are able to practice their very own role and culture despite being part of a new culture in another place.

In Rosenbluth’s account, this system creates a “penalty suffered by a worker taking time off to care for small children,” as any time taken off trades off with time spent building up “firm-specific skills” at your lifetime employer.

Since Japanese gender norms still demand that women take charge of child-rearing, women and men alike find it near-impossible to create a work-life balance once kids enter the picture. The obvious solution to this fertility problem, at least based on the American and European experiences, is to massively expand government support for working mothers and women.

It is known, as they say, Japan is facing a fertility crisis — you know it’s bad when The New York Times runs pieces with titles like “Without Babies, Can Japan Survive?

” The reasons for Japan’s dearth of youngsters have been less clear, but a disturbing new article in The Observer fingers an potentially counterintuitive suspect: Japan’s crushingly gendered social and corporate world.

People often attribute this crisis to Japanese cultural peccadilloes — the country’s fascination with pornography, for instance — or the “usual suspects” in fertility panics, contraception and abortion.

There are no doubt multiple causes behind Japan’s baby crisis, but Haworth suggests a more economic explanation: “what endless Japanese committees have failed to grasp when they stew over the country’s procreation-shy youth is that, thanks to official shortsightedness, the decision to stay single often makes perfect sense.” “Official shortsightedness” means public policy.

Men should work and strive hard to protect their families and provide them with all their needs.

Men in Hispanic culture are noted to be fearless and strong.

Working Japanese mothers get very little support from the state, and bosses consider marriage a death knell for a woman’s career.

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