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Named for the leader of each group (the Schmiedeleut, Dariusleut, and Lehrerleut, leut being based on the German word for people), they settled initially in the Dakota Territory; later, Dariusleut colonies were established in central Montana.It is interesting to note that Hutterite children are more likely to develop asthma compared to Amish children.

More disappointingly, whilst there are plenty of what you might term 'fetish' categories (e.g.

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Finnigan introduced a logo featuring a six-pointed star, which matched a tattoo on his forearm, used throughout the 1900s.

His family is still in the bicycle trade, running a shop in Northcote.

In 1928 a team comprising three Australians and one New Zealander entered the Tour De France.

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Although most Hutterites live in the Midwestern United States and in Western Canada, Hutterite colonies have been established in Australia, Nigeria and Japan.

There, under the leadership of Jakob Hutter, they developed the communal form of living based on the New Testament books of the Acts of the Apostles (Chapters 2 (especially Verse 44), 4, and 5) and 2 Corinthians—which distinguishes them from other Anabaptists such as the Amish and Mennonites.

Hutterite colonies are male-managed with women participating in roles such as cooking, medical decisions, and selection and purchase of fabric for clothing.

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