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Use decorative scissors to finish the opening, then tie them closed with a gingham pattern for a casual country feel.

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Everything they need to make some “Root Deer Floats” with candy cane antlers and a cherry Rudolph nose.

You can even grab a reindeer mug to make it more festive!

For example, our Passover objects of Armenian ceramic and Armenian motifs hold within their form and design the legacy of the Armenian people and their emigration to Israel.

We also offer a number of Passover objects in Hazorfim Silver, a high-end, world-renowned silversmithing shop whose history is bound up in post-WWII emigration from Eastern Europe.

Whether you're looking for a Haggadah, Seder Plate, matzah cover, kosher wine, Passover songs or gift baskets, you will find everything you want right here, and great prices too! Passover is unique among all Jewish holidays it has become increasingly popular to use the Seder meal as an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors into the home to share this special, symbolic meal, to teach others about our culture and strengthen our relationships.

Whatever sort of approach you wish to employ, you will find Passover items at Judaica Webstore to suit your tastes.The high-tech laser stand sends out a red dot for your cat to chase around, providing hours of excitement.Take matters into your own hands with the manual mode, or set it to automatic and let the laser move in random patterns. These two make an impressive pair, especially when sliced and brushed with a zippy butter mixture full of lemon zest and fresh grated ginger. Pinterest popularity: 32 repins, 6 likes This creamy dish is out of this world, featuring garlic and herb cheese whisked with milk and cream of celery soup and layered with spinach, shredded potatoes and Parmesan cheese. Pinterest popularity: 31 repins, 5 likes Portland, OR, freelance graphic designer Sarah Zimmerman had been mulling over a use for the blank wall in her laundry and craft room for a long time. After two years I finally had a vision of a gift-wrap station," says the craft blogger (Repeat Crafter Me.com).She housed small and sharp items on the highest shelves and used plastic 3M hooks instead of metal ones for the gift bags within her toddlers' reach.Make it truly custom Hunting for the individual elements took more legwork, but it was worth the savings (a ready-made system can cost 0 or more).Purchasing from contemporary crafters of Judaica is a great way to support those responsible for interpreting our traditions in visual terms. We offer many varietals of Kosher wines from several vineyards, including Yarden and Gamla in the Golan Heights and Castel in the Judean hills. One of the hallmarks of Jewish life for millenia can be made more beautiful than ever with some of the wonderful gifts you will find here!

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