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Our outstanding teaching staff will offer many opportunities for enrichment as well as preparation for end of course exams and finals as we move toward the end of the semester.

For our seniors, the next few weeks will be the beginning of the end of their high school careers.

Taxes are not paid to the City of Acworth after closing. This can be very confusing and often results in taxes becoming past due.

If taxes are to be "collected" at a closing, it is stated in the sales contract and the lawyer's office will forward taxes collected to the City of Acworth. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve this liability. Tax bills are mailed to the taxpayer because property taxes are the taxpayers responsibility. If you get a tax bill for property that you sold, please forward it to the new owner as quickly as possible.

Please respond with your qualifications and years of experience.

For property tax inquiries,please email [email protected] Finance Department is located at City Hall, on the main floor, at 4415 Senator Russell Avenue, Acworth, Georgia, 30101. You should receive a separate statement from Cobb County for your County/State/School Taxes. Copies of tax bills for 2009 and prior years can be printed from the Cobb County Tax Commissioner's office website (

How can I pay my city taxes or find out if my taxes have been paid?

In this instance, taxes are collected from the seller and paid to the buyer by reducing the proceeds paid to the seller at closing. Both buyer and seller are made aware of this at closing and the property tax bill also states that this bill should be forwarded to the new owner.

The City’s art scene is growing, downtown shops and galleries are hopping—and Acworth Art Fest is the sweet cherry on top of the delicious and enchanting community!

At Acworth Art Fest, the always energetic Kidz Zone is filled with fun activities that make smiles bloom.

We do get requests from mortgage companies for tax amounts on specific parcels and provide them with taxes due at that time.

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