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Critics point out, however, that the economy is thriving outside of EMU, and they point to public opinion polls that continue to show a majority of Britons opposed to the single currency.

These losses confirmed opinion poll findings, which showed that Labour's support across Britain had fallen to just 25%.

In the following weeks there were widespread reports of Labour MPs agitating for a change of party leader and prime minister.

Brown's widely praised response to the global financial crisis in the latter months of the year earned him a reprieve as his party's fortunes recovered.

In the spring the government suffered from two linked problems.

K.'s Labour Government, led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, began and ended 2008 narrowly behind the Conservatives in the opinion polls.

In the summer months, however, Labour's support—and Brown's personal ratings—slumped so low that some of the party's MPs started calling openly for his resignation.As one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council, a founding member of NATO, and of the Commonwealth, the UK pursues a global approach to foreign policy; it currently is weighing the degree of its integration with continental Europe.A member of the EU, it chose to remain outside the European Monetary Union for the time being.Although this change left most people better off, low-paid workers saw their tax payments increase—at precisely the time when food and energy prices were rising sharply.Labour suffered at the nationwide local elections held on May 1.The UK has large coal, natural gas, and oil reserves; primary energy production accounts for 10% of GDP, one of the highest shares of any industrial nation.

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