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Marrying Eros Ramazzotti transformed Michelle from well known model to instant superstar.She left the catwalks to land roles ad host or assistant in many TV Shows in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Italy is not only famous for its thousand-year old culture, its delicious food and the amazing landscape, but also for the mediterranean beauty of its women.

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She also partecipated in many popular Italian movies, like the "Vacanze di..." series and lent her voice to the character of Gloria, the she-hyppopothamus in Dream Work's "Madagascar" movie.

In October 2014 she married the businessman Tomaso Trussardi, from whom she had two children.

In the lovely person of Monica Bellucci, sensuality meets professional acting.

This ex-model, who is now a full-time actress, is probably Italy's most popular show woman worldwide (and one of the most clicked names on the web too), thanks to her international career which also includes a part as Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's You probably already know her.

Her gorgeous smile has instantly won her the affection of the Italian tv audience.

Michelle started her career very young: at just 18 she already was famous for being one of the most sought after fashion models, for being the face, or rather, the backside, of the Italian lingerie brand Roberta and for her marriage with one of the most famous Italian pop singers of the time: Eros Ramazzotti.

Like fellow Sardinian Elisabetta Canalis, she became famous as one of the "Veline", the scantly clad dancing assistants in the Striscia la Notizia satyrical newscast.

Before that, she arrived second place in two beauty pageants (losing one to her cousin Francesca Lodo).

They went separate ways a few years after the birth of their son. She not only hosts some of the most famous Italian shows, she is also an accomplished actress, having played in movies like "Il Mio West", with David Bowie and Harvey Keitel, and many sitcoms.

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