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However, in the mid 12th century, Somerled, a Norse-Gael of uncertain origin, launched a coup, which made Suðreyjar entirely independent.

Following his death, Norwegian authority was nominally restored, but in practice the kingdom was divided between Somerled's heirs (, a branch of Somerled's heirs, ruled Barra, as well as Uist, Eigg, Rùm, the Rough Bounds, Bute, Arran, and northern Jura.

Malcolm III of Scotland acknowledged in writing that they were not Scottish, and king Edgar quitclaimed any residual doubts.

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We recommend you to visit the following pages about travelling to Barra: ) is an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, and the second southernmost inhabited island there, after the adjacent island of Vatersay to which it is connected by a short causeway. At the 2011 Census, there were 761 Gaelic speakers (62%). A single track road runs around the coast of the island where the flattest land and houses are, the interior of the island is hilly and uninhabited.

The west of the island has white sandy beaches backed by shell-sand, , can be found in the middle of Loch St Clare on the west side of the island at Tangasdale.

However, on Ranald's death, disputes between Godfrey and his nephews lead to an enormous amount of violence.

In 1427, frustrated with the level of violence generally in the highlands, King James I demanded that highland leaders should attend a meeting at Inverness.

The southern parts of the Kingdom of the Isles had become the Lordship of the Isles, ruled by the Mac Donalds (another group of Somerled's descendants).

Amy married the Mac Donald leader, John of Islay, but a decade later he divorced her, and married the king's niece instead (in return for a substantial dowry). According to the latest census, the city population is 5323.Geographical coordinates of Barra (WGS84): latitude: 13° 28' 58" N ( 13.4828 ), longitude: 16° 32' 44" W ( -16.5456 ).Other places of interest on the island include a ruined church and museum at , and a range of other Iron Age and later structures which have recently been excavated and recorded.Barra is connected by a causeway to the smaller island of Vatersay, population 90.The Treaty expressly preserved the status of the rulers of Suðreyjar; the Clann Ruaidhri lands, excepting Bute, Arran, and Jura, became the Lordship of Garmoran, a quasi-independent crown dependency, rather than an intrinsic part of Scotland.

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