Dating in wicklow town

"I might, for example, pick up on godparents if we can’t easily locate the child’s mother or father, or follow neighbours if we know the townland.

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In addition to her genealogical and historical expertise, Catherine brings enormous enthusiasm to her role as acting archivist and manager of the Wicklow Family History Centre.

But while she undoubtedly loves her work, she can only stretch so far. “Even better is to order your research before you visit, to give you the best chance of exploring your ancestors’ actual homeplaces when you arrive.” 5 March 2011 Wicklow Family History Centre Wicklow County Archives, Wicklow County Council, Station Road, Wicklow Town, County Wicklow.

She says such books often throw up a link that is so obscure it may not otherwise have been uncovered or accessed.

All such findings are then collated for inclusion in Catherine’s report.

This instinct typically comes into play in three areas: naming patterns within families, godparents and occupations.

She gives an example of a British client whose recent ancestors had worked in mines in England’s Newcastle area.“Being sited at the heart of the Council, where funds originate, automatically gives the Centre greater prominence and should ensure the long term protection and preservation of our records.” The issue of protecting records is dear to archivists the world over but it is particularly poignant in Ireland which suffered such appalling loss of documentery heritage in the 1922 PRO fire.Wicklow, however, is an excellent example of why the urban myth that ‘ALL the records were destroyed in The Fire’ really needs to be scotched."For the majority, birthdays weren’t marked or made memorable by cakes and candles!Recorded ages, once out of the childhood range, should therefore be treated with caution.” Age and name issues are not unique to Wicklow family history research, of course. “Often only a local genealogist can explain why the records are not divulging the expected information."Surname spellings are a regular source of confusion for researchers.

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