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On that day in 1944 the Fatherland Front led by PM Kimon Georgiev seized political power in Bulgaria.

With its gorgeous Black Sea coast and all-singing, all-dancing tourist resorts, the country has just as much to offer as its European counterparts. This purpose-built resort leaves holidaymakers wanting for nothing.

The 18-kilometre stretch of sand is accessorised with everything from football pitches and massage huts to fairgrounds and market stalls.

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A Russian white power band: The hate, but also faint hope, I saw in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, at the most recent rally on Europe's neo-Nazi circuit Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.

September 9 was Bulgaria's national holiday until 1989 when the Communist regime collapsed.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, successor of the Bulgarian Communist Party, won the country's first free election and stayed in office by 1991.Interestingly, Bulgaria's anti-fascist uprising in 1944 has been named the most important event in the country for the past century by Bulgarians.SOFIA (Reuters) - Couples lining up to face each other are given 30 seconds to chat before moving on - in a version of speed dating that, rather than sparking romance, aims to promote understanding and integration for new immigrants.As far as holidays go, Bulgaria is on the verge of great things.It might not be as well-known as the Greek Islands or the Spanish Costas at the moment, but that’s likely to change over the next decade or so.Despite that, large parts of the population are concerned about the influx of asylum-seekers and migrants.

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