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We had a talk the other day about or kinks and what we wanted to incorporate, and despite his BDSM test showing him as mostly dominant/switch, he trailed off into “I want you to tie me up, use me as a footstool, milk me, etc.” and I just kinda knodded and didn’t say anything. The fact that he has such specific orders for me to follow makes me feel like he just enjoys being on the receiving end and doing no work to please me in return. He noticed I was getting uncomfortable and said “I might not even be submissive though.” I told him I thought he was in some sense, the same way that I do occasionally like teasing and having power over him, but I didn’t think I could do full-on femdom.

Relationships aren't just "yes it works" or "no it doesn't", they take workand if you're willing to do that, I don't see why a relationship can't work out.

Relationships aren't just about kinks, even though that might be a big part of them.

Not all kinksters are compatible because they're kinky.

DD/lg seems to be very important to you and a femdom seems very important to him so there is some issue there.

But unfortunately, if you two are incompatible that's not going to change.

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For reference, I will have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years in March. This isn’t someone I plan on leaving/moving on from over this.

When we first started becoming sexually involved, he mostly showed interest in bondage, something I like as well.

IMO a dom/submissive relationship should involve both parties benefitting in some way.

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