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Sometimes when facing these widgets I end up typing the date manually on the virtual keyboard instead of using the widget just because it is just simply quicker.

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It wasn’t until college that he was thrown in with other Muslims his age.

But the first girl he dated was so socially conservative that their relationship had to be kept strictly “on the DL.” It was stressful, and things didn’t work out.

This thing, used for music creation, comes with a physical infinite turn knob.

With this knob the user can select different options in different contexts.

Besides these two main parts, which make up the knob, I more or less used j Query, CSS and the Date object to build the whole thing.

When Humaira Mubeen graduated from college in 2012, she fumbled around for a place that felt true to her.

Minder is a platform to do that.” “In America, the expectation of what a marriage is is very different than in more traditional, conservative societies,” he says.

“One of the things we tried to do with the app is be unapologetically progressive.” With this view, Minder requires profile photos (Ishqr hides pics until a match has been accepted) and avoids restrictive religious features: “We didn’t want it to be a religious thing.

Unfortunately, his college town’s tight Muslim community yielded a dearth of prospects: “Everyone was either engaged or married, or too young for me.” But, in Minder, a swipe-right-or-left app described as the Muslim Tinder, he found the connective medium he needed.

After a couple of months of matching and messaging, he swiped right on Virginia-based Leyali.

I mean the UI widget that you normally encounter on web pages where you book events, air tickets, hotel nights etc. Why do they require a whole lot of clicks to get to the desired date?

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