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Susan shook her head in annoyance as she broke the seal on the official looking letter.

She had to read it three times to make sure she was reading it all correctly. This can't be real."She flipped the letter over, trying to find where it said "Ha ha! Susan quickly got to her feet and padded into the house where she found her Aunt sitting in the dining room going over some paper work.

It didn't help, but Susan never liked lying to herself.

Susan was replaying the night when Hannah had dared Zach to "Really snog her socks off", when the large tawny owl landed on the table beside her lounge chair, spilling her iced tea all over the place."Oh for the love of Morgana." Susan muttered.

The grim look on Amelia's face did nothing but make Susan even more frightened. Do not mention this letter to anyone, including Hannah until I return, am I understood? Hannah Abbott was taller than her redheaded best friend by two inches with light blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back when she didn't put it up. She was thinner than Susan and less buxom as well."Well, can you blame me? I can't wait until I can apparate." Hannah groaned.

Amelia got up from her chair and grabbed a light traveling cloak."I will be back as soon as I can. She lifted her bag off the floor and grinned at her best friend.

She'd spent all year flirting, and giving signs that she wanted to date him, only to suffer the heartache of seeing him start dating someone else. A couple of the highlights revolved around that absolutely amazing game of truth or dare near the Easter holiday. Ok, sure, she'd had to endure Ernie groping her chest, and she'd had to let Thomas Summers spank her bottom.

But Hannah grabbed her boobs all the time in the dorm, and Sally Anne constantly slapped all the girls on their bottoms. Ok, Ernie wasn't as gentle as Hannah, which was saying something as Hannah always just grabbed a handful when she could.It had been her most difficult year so far, owing to the fact that it had been her OWL year, and on top of that, she and the rest of the school had been stuck with a Defense teacher who had refused to teach them any spells at all.If it hadn't been for the secret Defense club, Susan and many others would have outright failed the subject.After the third read, she could feel all the warmth in her body drain away as the cold grip of terror tightened around heart."It's a joke." She whispered. Amelia looked up at the sound of bare feet slapping hard against the tile floor."Susan, 1 thought I told you...""Look at this! "Amelia picked up the letter looking at her niece's expression of horror and read the letter thoroughly, before she too flipped it over looking for the post script identifying it as a practical joke." Susan said slapping the letter on the table in front of her aunt. Amelia even took out her wand and did a few revealing spells on it."So, it's a prank right? Her arms were wrapped around herself, trying to ward off a nonexistent chill."When did this arrive?Although, when she thought about it, which she hated to do.

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