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They become excellent housewives and wonderful mothers. If you see a single Vladivostok bride, you will hardly ever forget how beautiful she is.

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For many centuries the local women have been the wives of seamen.

It required a lot of patience and trust, because they had to wait for their husbands’ return on the shore, hoping to see them alive and kicking, and believing that they would come back with a big fish strike.

What is more, they are also fond of sports, which helps them stay slender and energetic.

Combined with appealing character traits, these qualities make Vladivostok women simply irresistible.

A local bride is likely to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Health is the highest value for the inhabitants of this city, according to the research of socio-demographic situation in Vladivostok.A lot of travelers from other countries come to this city by ship, so it is a melting pot where people are happy to know the differences between each other without any judgement.Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese people have been living in Vladivostok for many years.My main profession is Chinese translator, by this reason I can have a job in many fields of economy. I'm athletic, my height is 175cm., Light hair color, I like going to the gym I’m single now, live with my 14 years old daughter, work in bank, like to spend my free time actively, skating, swimming and hiking.My clothing style is quite conservative, I’m not tall, quite athletic, I think that I love many things.We sincerely hope that you will find an ideal wife at Vladivostok marriage agency!

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