Dating sites of delhi

The sprawling caves of Bhimbetka (2405N and 76045E) are located about 45 km northeast of Bhopal, the state capital of Madhya Pradesh.

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It depicts the detail of social life during the long period of time, when man used to frequent these rock shelters.

Animals such as bison, tiger, rhinoceros, wild boar, elephants, monkeys, antelopes, lizards, peacocks etc.

Further evidence, cited in support of this theory, is the resemblance in names of the nearby places with the names of the Pandavas. While Bhiyapura itself is believed to be a distortion of Bhimpura.

As regards the surrounding Lakhajuhar forest, it is said that it was the Pandavas palace, built of lakh (was).

The drawings and paintings can be classified under seven different periods.

Period I (Upper Palaeolithic) These are linear representations, in green and dark red, of huge figures of animals, such as bisons and boar beside stick like human figures.The most ancient scenes here believed to be commonly belonging to the Mesolithic Age.These magnificent paintings can be seen even on the ceiling of the rock shelters located at daunting heights.Mythical Boar, Bhoranwali, Bhimbetka Rock paintings at Zoo-rock, Bhimbetka Period III (Chalcolithic) Similar to the paintings of Chalcolithic pottery, these drawings reveal the association, contact, and mutual exchange of requirements of the cave dwellers of this area with the agricultural communities of the Malwa plains.Period IV (Early Historic) The figures of this group have a schematic and decorative style and are painted mainly in red, white and rarely green depicting riders, religious symbols, tunic-like dresses, and the scripts of different periods.Period V (Medieval) These paintings are geometric, linear and more schematic but show degeneration and crudeness in their artistic style.

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