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They knew that past studies suggested that genetics played a larger role in one's personality in the earlier years of their life.

However, they were curious about whether or not this was true later on in life.

Adoptive siblings are legally related but need not be blood-related or biologically related.

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Furthermore, environment influences personality substantially; however, it has little to do with whether they are reared together or apart.

This study also suggests that heritability is substantial, but not as substantial as for younger subjects; it has less significance later on in life.

This means the unshared parents are either siblings or parent and child (similar terminology is used in horse breeding, where it occurs more frequently).

Three-quarter siblings share more genes than half siblings, but fewer than full siblings.

An historical example of this is actress Gloria Grahame.

She bore children with her second husband Nicholas Ray, and her fourth husband Anthony Ray, who was Nicholas Ray's son by another marriage.

It is known that both nature and nurture figure in development; researchers are attempting to ascertain just which one plays the larger role. There are two types of twins: identical and fraternal.

Identical twins have exactly the same genes; fraternal twins are no more similar than regular siblings.

Often, twins with a close relationship will develop a twin language from infanthood, a language only shared and understood between the two.

Studies suggest that identical twins appear to display more twin talk than fraternal twins. Researchers were interested in subjects who were in the later years of life.

They gathered subjects with a mean age of 59, who included 99 pairs of identical twins, and 229 pairs of fraternal twins who were all reared apart.

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