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The unit concludes with the use of additional strategies that engage students in the study of human life in the Neolithic Era.Lesson 1: Interactive Presentation on “ The Time Before History” (two or three days) The first lesson in the unit on prehistory uses what I call an Interactive Presentation strategy.

Concept Attainment Lessons are another element of the Interactive Presentation.

Discrepant Event Inquiry: “ I learned more about early history from this person than from anyone else, although this person never knew the meaning of the word history.” This seemingly paradoxical statement serves as the discrepant event that prompts the class to begin seeking solutions to a historical problem.

Magazine Design - I created a short magazine totally based on Tattoos.

This was an in-class assignment in which we had only two weeks to complete.

It proceeds to a Cooperative Discussion Group in which students examine and develop theories about an important archaeological find.

Students then perform a Writing for Understanding exercise based upon their findings.

This is followed by a visual presentation making use of two projectors—one for the content outline and another for illustrations (slides, video clips, and other types of media).

Students are encouraged to ask questions, discuss their ideas, and reflect on the information being presented at any time.

In this strategy, which forms the backbone of most of my units, the teacher presents a content outline with key concepts as a guideline for learning.

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