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American sinologists have stated that Chinese historical records refer to felt as early as 2300 B. China's warriors equipped themselves with shields, clothes, and hats made of felt, for protection; they also used felt boats.At public functions, the Chinese emperor was carried into the presence of his subjects sitting on a large felt mat.

The conical felt hats with turned-up, slashed brims unearthed in the graves are known to be products of a very ancient tradition.

Kirghiz and other Asiatic nomads used felt mainly for making tents.

The dainty low riding boots of a Scythian woman of high rank also contained a pair of felt socks of the same cut and sewn from two pieces of thin white felt.

Graves left by the Huns in northern Mongolia and dating from the third and fourth centuries of our era have yielded carpets and patterned blankets of felt adorned with elaborate designs in brilliant colours.

The art of felt making, too, Historical specimens of felt have survived in large numbers and give ample evidence of a degree of inventiveness, aesthetic feeling, and refinement quite unlooked for in the production and use of this material.

Caps of thick solid felt from the early Bronze Age are preserved at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

The layer of grease is proof against the heaviest rain.

At the same time, the yurts are an ideal form of shelter both in the heat of summer and the icy snowstorms of winter.

The blue, red, or white saddle blankets discovered in the "second kurgan" at Pasyryk are made of fine, firm but nevertheless resilient felt.

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