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I’m praying they fixed the longevity and projection issues, because this was close to perfection before they messed around with it. Took me forever to know about this one, until I heard Jeremy discuss it.

I read all of this reviews prior to going and sniffing it, so I had a pretty clear expectation: a classier Fierce.

The magical sophisticated super classy drydown is very faint now and turns into lemon powder within 2 hours. newer version - the box is the same color as the original...silver front and back, and the sides are black.

This perfume has great effect against stress on me.

I wore it for every single interview; whether for university or position. Probably the most well balanced scent from the 90s.

I purchased Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, and was given a sample of Egoiste, which I'm wearing right now.

I actually laughed by myself in the car when I sensed the perfume evolve into what everyone says: a classier Fierce.

Big improvement with the newer version (for me)!!!!!!

2nd Review: I bought a 100 ml genuine bottle from an airport duty free. Unfortunately, I was shocked how severly this was watered down and dilluted.

As a result, it gives a great rendition of a fresh modern barbershop fragrance.

The performance is also great - sparing application still lasts all day with a great silage.

It smells past any notes, and straight to the concept of class and masculinity.

It does have that 90's smell, but I do not find that to be a problem. big issues with the performance of Egoiste Platinum, try layering this with ISO E Super or Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecule!

I feel that Chanel is finding its feet again after a brief stumble.

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