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While I agree with the mainstream that everyone should have at least two headshots -- a more serious or "legit" and a more light or "commercial" headshot, my goal is to tailor that to you.

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When you arrive, we will relax and chat a bit about what your the purpose of the headshot. It’s actually a fun experience for both of us, and we’ll take breaks to review the images on the computer to see what looks best making any more adjustments needed to get that perfect photo.

I may make any needed adjustments, and then we will start shooting!

Then just click on the date and time you want and you are all set to go.

We will be notified, and will see you on your date and time.

To that end, I tell my clients to think about the headshot session as a conversation with friends. Your commercial or smiley headshot should look like you are telling a friend a happy or exciting story.

Your legit or dramatic headshot should look like you are engaged in a more intense, mischievous, or serious conversation with a friend.My mission is to create the absolute best headshots for you and that means a headshot that really something about you! One option available to you is to shoot indoors using studio lighting.With a white, black, or neutral background, I can create different moods: from dramatic and artistic with lots of shadows (great for everything from Shakespeare to prime time drama) to bright and sunny with even light (perfect for Commercial or Musical Theater headshots.) I also shoot outdoors using natural light with a unlimited variety of backgrounds and settings.At Taylor Hooper Photography I specialize in creating unique and captivating actor headshots.Shooting in New York, Manchester New Hampshire, and the greater Boston area. I can create a variety of different headshot styles for you.NYC agents, managers, and other actors say things like: "The eyes need to pop." "You have to have a legit, and a commercial/musical theater headshot." "A headshot has to show your type." "There's a difference between New York headshots and LA headshots." and so on and so on. The most important thing in a headshot is that it reveals the real you.

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