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A collaborative divorce is another non-litigation option to obtaining a separation or divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse retains their own divorce lawyer and they both sign a document that they will not use the courts to litigate any issues that arise in their matter.

This means instead of hiring opposing divorce lawyers to go to court, you both agree to draft your own terms of your marital settlement with the help of a divorce mediator.

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Always start with a collaborative peacemaker first, if at all possible, to avoid over-protective tactics that can make things worse.

Learn more about Separation in PA Usually, if neither financial abuse or untreated addiction exists, you both agreed the marriage is over and you don't want to hurt one another, then your first step is to consult with a divorce mediator.

Knowledge is the key to protecting yourself, your financial future, and your children.

If you are unsure which path to take, first assess whether divorce mediation is right for your situation.

Instead, they may each remain obligated under the separation agreement for an indefinite period of time, subject to future modifications.

Knowing this key difference between divorce or separation, couples may decide to remain separated without a divorce for emotional, financial, tax and estate reasons, or so that one spouse can remain on the other's medical health insurance.

If you have decided to divorce, but your spouse is not on board, you should first seek legal advice from a private attorney.

Either way, your first step is to learn what your legal rights are - since every divorce is viewed on a case by case basis.

separation agreement, the parties have a legally-binding agreement that settles all their affairs.

However, they choose not to file a divorce decree with the court.

If both you and your spouse are in agreement that you want a divorce, then you have an uncontested divorce.

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