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Swedish national broadcaster SVT has landed in hot water after a sexual scandal involving one of its managers.

The man used a so-called "sugar dating" website and was caught making indecent proposals to what he believed was a teenage girl, yet was exposed in a journalist investigation.

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In early September, controversial ads by Norwegian "sugar dating" website Rich Meets Beautiful, in which female students were encouraged to date "sugar daddies" in exchange for having their student loans paid off, sparked a blistering polemic and were subsequently removed.

– Jeg har ingen samvittighetskvaler, sier mannen bak sugardatingtjenesten Rich Meet Beautiful.

Not when they're staring you in the face at least...

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Greek Magick Kiste To carry the name of Dionysus meant that, 1) the parents were devotees of Dionysus and their child was predestined to become a follower, or 2) the person was under the spell of the kestatot.

Pan, later relegated to devildom, is sometimes pictured kicking the lid open and letting the snakes or souls out.

So, if we eventually see a character in the style of Nick, there should probably be a section listing the current experience, a section explaining how it works, and a link to the research page, that would have a list of previous locales, and unvisited locales, with all the data from the old locales saved somewhere clean.

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