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For one, he took the high road when producers reunited him with his estranged father.

One was simply not emotionally ready to move on, while the other informed me after five months of dating that he was going to go back and give it another shot with his wife–only for them to end up divorced anyway.

So, until a man was totally free and wasn’t involved with any other women that could claim him as her husband, I stayed away.

And just cause you WANT to move on from your previous relationships does not mean you’re really READY to.

Generally, if you’re dating immediately after divorce, you’re hurt, reeling and looking for a safe harbor in the storm that is singledom.

Something tells me they wouldn’t cast the first black Bachelor directly after the first black Bachelorette.

I think Peter is a great, great catch — but is he great TV?

Very reasonable men want to love again, and are shocked to find out that it’s not possible.

As a dating coach/expert, what do you think of the idea of dating someone who is still in the process of divorce?

It’s not that he didn’t care about her; it’s that he wasn’t ready for another commitment so soon after declaring his bachelorhood….

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