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And in the midst of all these feelings and failings we sort of try to discern God’s will.

Julie and I both did our share of this halfhearted seeking after God’s will and it was no fun!

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Datingfuture com

Fun Fact #5: Preparing for marriage is more important than finding a partner.

When it comes to marriage, some people are runners.

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You can walk through it on your own, but it’s more fun with friends, so consider putting together an FMU Love Ed small group study.

It’s not necessarily about “fun” and certainly not about comfort or ease.

And in the end, the whole point isn’t to lead you to your future spouse, but to lead you to Himself.

Probably because God made us to live “If two trains leave the station at the same time, with one traveling 50 mph and the other traveling on propane, and the other headed for Hogwarts, how long before you find out which train your future mate is on? ’ And then how will you know if ‘the one’ means ‘the one for you’ or ‘the one who will bring balance to the force?

'” One specifically designed to bring about your very best and His greatest glory.

Every post in this series is designed to give you a vision of dating that’s as meaningful as it is memorable (the good kind of memorable). “It’s complicated,” we state matter-of-factly in our social media profile and leave it at that. At FMU, we don’t try to lay down a narrow definition of why we think you should be dating.

Here’s the post that summarizes the entire series: – Proverbs (NASB) And in one sentence we discover where we went wrong with dating. That’s not nearly as fun as presenting several reasons you should NOT be dating.

However, in retrospect I can now see how I set myself up for heartbreak (by basically setting up the girl I was pretending to just want to be friends with).

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