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In Paris, I bought a little apartment, so she got one two streets away.

The house in Maida Vale, she had the one at the back of it.

In a scene straight out of a Carry On film, Stewart deposited his black leather stage outfit on the bedroom floor and slipped unknowingly between Stevie’s own satin sheets, only to be joined some time later by the Seventies sex symbol decked out in full Victorian attire.

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We were at the height of the Eurythmics, she was at the height of Bananarama and she got pregnant in Japan.

We decided to ring her mum and dad up and tell them we were getting married without saying she was pregnant. Insane, really.’But Stewart’s most complex and enduring relationship has been with Annie Lennox, variously as lover, partner, musical foil and soulmate.

We didn’t want to be apart but we weren’t together.

It’s almost impossible to understand.’Although not making music together at the moment – the Eurythmics have never officially split up – the pair remain close friends, Stewart adding sadly that they met most recently at a memorial for his mother, Sadie. It was always “Dave and Annie”.’‘Without understanding how, she weaned me off speed,’ Stewart says. I’m really good at ideas for business, but managing my own money?

In the first half of the Eighties they went from poverty-stricken experimental strugglers to pop superpowers as the Eurythmics sold more than 75 million albums worldwide.‘Annie is a wonderful human being but she’s also tortured,’ Stewart says of his musical other half.

‘She’s very low-confidence and then, at other times, she’s got loads of confidence.

It’s a hard relationship to explain and, it’s a cliché, but we are the odd couple.‘We were completely exhausted, crunched up next to each other on this 23-hour flight after a tough tour, and we both decided, quite calmly, that maybe we should live apart when we got home.

We agreed to that and we both fell asleep.‘The furthest she moved away was to the end of that street and then, when we got money, I bought the house in LA and she bought the house next door.

‘My son, Sam, who is in his late twenties, loves it,’ Stewart grins. The girls have just looked at a few pages and gone, “Oh, Dad!

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