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Under the deal, Keller’s family and law enforcement representatives had to agree they would not oppose parole for Howard when he is eligible in about 12 years.

With his hands over his heart and tears in his eyes, Howard faced the courtroom audience and apologized.

He retrieved a bedsheet from the laundry room and used red tape to wrap up her body. Howard explained that his initial destination was Mexico, but then he didn’t know how he would return.

He left the car on a downtown San Diego street, wiped the interior clean of fingerprints, took her wallet and began to walk.

Eventually, he hailed a cab and got a ride to El Segundo with the $400 he had from his own and Keller’s wallets.

Keller’s son reported her missing two days later and her body was found in the car on July 15, 2004.

Howard said the light was still on in the house when he arrived, so he knocked on the door. Howard said he grabbed her hand, wrenched it behind her and put her in a tight hold against him. The whole time, while she choked and gasped for breath, he implored her to listen to him.

As Keller’s four dogs shuffled around, she let him in. When Lewin asked if somehow his arms got around her neck or over her face, Howard said he couldn’t recall for sure where his arms were.Colleen Hawthorne, The Vibrant C-Suite MD, GOD will make a way, when there seems no way, The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not Want.- Psalm23:1, Pentecostal Sanctuary UPCJ - formerly North Kingston Sanctuary UPCJ, Chrome Constructions, Little Things - Trending Stories, Ava's Creations, With his friends and family at the helm can anything possibly go wrong? Standing over his former wife in the El Segundo home they once shared, Erwin Howard recalled that one thought replayed in his mind: “I killed her. I killed her.” As Howard gave his dramatic and stunning confession Monday in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom, Julia “Deede” Keller’s friends and family members held hands and cried.“I know that saying I’m sorry is not enough,” Howard said.

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