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I speak of Saint Jude – the Saint of the impossible! And I can tell you from experience, he takes his title very seriously!In our challenging times, would it not be wise to befriend such a faithful ally?There is perhaps no one among us, particularly at this point in our nation’s history, who is not facing a crisis on some level. Maybe your home is in foreclosure or you are facing a short sale.

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Therefore, I highly encourage you to bring whatever is weighing heavily on your heart to Saint Jude, ideally through a nine-day novena.

Don’t forget to also thank Saint Jude for what he is doing or has done for you.

However, I don’t want to tout Saint Jude as a spiritual candy machine who answers prayers exactly as we want, when we want and how we want.

As with all prayer, you must be willing to accept whatever answer comes, even if it is not exactly what you hoped for or expected. There have been many prayers in my life answered with a resounding, “No!

Maybe you lost your job and are unable to find meaningful employment. Whatever challenges you are facing in life– know that there is a powerful Saint of the early Church who eagerly awaits your call for help.

Whatever your suffering is on a physical, fiscal, mental, emotional or spiritual level, one thing is certain – your problem appears to be immoveable, impassable, and simply impossible to solve! Even now, in our present age, he stands ready to robustly assist you in the seemingly impossible problems of life. A Saint who was ordinary until Christ made him extraordinary.

Viewing the photos, I could easily see it was just what I wanted!

I was able to check off each item on my wish list, and noticed the home offered even more than I imagined.

Due to the competitive market, I called my realtor immediately and we were able to file the necessary paperwork the next morning. Saint Jude had come through big time and I am remain eternally grateful!

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