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In the background your computer quickly queried a DNS server to get the IP address that corresponds to the Web site's server and domain names.Now you know why you have to specify one or two DNS server IP addresses in the TCP/IP configuration on your desktop PC (in the file on a Linux system and the TCP/IP properties in the Network Control Panel on Windows systems).

dns updating linux-24

Be careful, one of the questions is “Do you wish to update ALL hosts”.

If answered incorrectly this could affect hostnames in your account that are pointing at other locations.

Adding the following two lines, for example, point to our current PHP5-ITK (“Refreshed” PHP5) cluster: After you add the domain information and save the file, your system begins resolving to the specified IP address. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista use User Account Control (UAC), so Notepad must be run as Administrator.

Update: added a new post on configuring Solaris, link below.

The ability to resolve names is critical, and later in this page we'll show you some tools you can use to investigate and verify this ability.

When you visit Web sites, the DNS server your workstation queries for name resolution is typically run by your ISP.You can become the root user from the command line by entering “sudo su -” followed by the root password on your machine.Note: If you get “make not found” or “missing gcc” then you do not have the gcc compiler tools on your machine.UNIX LANs could always use DNS instead of NIS, and starting with Windows 2000 Server, Windows LANs could use DNS instead of, or in addition to, WINS.As a service, DNS is critical to the operation of the Internet.(This does not include systems that are behind a NAT firewall because they are not directly on the Internet.) DNS acts as a directory service for all of these systems, allowing you to specify each one by its hostname.

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