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After being separated from merlinin the fisher kings throne room, he took the trident from where theking had dropped it and brought it back to his father.

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Though merlin is still alive afterthe attack, he is dying from his wound and is in no fit state totravel. Without arthur knowing, merlinbargains with morgause for morganas life, which destroys the knightsof medhir, just as arthur barges into the room and sees morgauseescape with morgana, before he can save her. I even apologized to him sincerelybut he only said it was ok without looking me in the eye. Arthur and merlin arrive back at camelotand report the death of the last dragonlord.

They always pay for dates, they're morechivalrous, more polite, and more masculine. Arthur soon goes to utherand refuses to carry out his orders any further, deeming them unfairand believing he can be both king and friend to the people of camelot.

He tricksgaius into saying he will be glad to see merlin hang, and to keeparthur quiet, the goblin casts a spell on arthur to give him the earsand voice of a donkey.

Merlin says that he can change that when hebecomes king and assures him that gwen will wait for him if she feelsthe same way.Minutes prior to his marriage, merlin andarthur discuss about the wedding. Arthurand the others then encounter the cailleach who demands a bloodsacrifice to seal the rift between the worlds. He onlymanages to get the antidote to merlin through the quick thinking ofgwen. Ygraine was barren andincapable of giving birth, so uther, who was desperate for her toconceive an heir, went to nimueh and persuaded her to use her magic tohelp ygraine. Arthur denies that she put it there andattempts to explain that his feelings for guinevere are genuine,however uther believes that he is saying that under the enchantment.They laterfight again in town where merlin uses his magic to try and get thebetter of arthur.Uther hasarthur and the knights of camelot raid the camp and steal back thecrystal.

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