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Early in their marriage, on more than one occasion, he stumbled into the bedroom late without considering his volume.He found out quickly how much that agitated his wife.

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Extended family dynamics and a rigidity to change can cause significant marital stress. How to Avoid: This takes a lot of dialogue, budgeting, and a financial plan. Take time together to go over the types of purchases that are appropriate — or not.

How to Avoid: Focus on why your spouse may have a double standard. If there are core issues of distrust and/or resentment regarding money, they need to be dealt with. One goes out with their friends all the time while criticizing any time the other does the same.

That song came out over ten years ago, and still this double standard exists.

Name the famous playboys of our time: Hugh Hefner, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, the list goes on, all are considered to be heroes for bedding countless gorgeous women.

She expects all of her emotional needs to be met before having sex.

He expects all of his sexual needs to be met before meeting her emotional needs.

Not that I want to post boob shots on Instagram, Mom.

But if we can walk around the streets topless (like men), shouldn’t we also have the right to post a topless selfies like men? When a guy dates a younger girl he’s a stud, when a girl dates anyone who isn’t her age she’s judged.

She gave him an earful about his lack of consideration and selfishness; he then complained about her over-sensitivity and harshness.

Many mornings she woke up, turned the lights on, loudly sifted through dresser drawers, and burst through doors in a focused rush to get to work.

So instead of getting mad, lets just call out the worst double standards in the dating game: 1.

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