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It's better than Object Data Source as the select operation uses IQueryable collections where the data control do the rest of Filtering, Grouping, and Sorting.The only required event is the Selecting event where the page returns an IQueryable object, then the control will handle the rest of Filtering, Grouping, and Sorting.The entities in this collection property are managed by two transferable Rad List Box controls.

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For example, assume we have a IProduct Repository, with Select, Insert, Update, Delete methods.

A variable of that interface can be initialized on Page_Load event or we can get it from an Io C Container.

Please build a function to make sure that only valid columns are specified in the sort expression to avoid a SQL Injection attack.

Just one a glitch when it comes to fetching grid with sorted columns.

Of course it would be quite simple to achieve this by simply stopping to use automatic CRUD operations and handle the database operations myself within the appropriate commands of Rad Grid.

But the less code I have to write myself, the better :-)Hello Hendrik, In order to achieve your goal, I suggest that you handle the On Inserting and On Updating server-side events and their set the values for the missing properies. Greetings, Iana the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?

For some reason no changes to the parameter collection within the On Inserting event (in code behing) are passed through after the On Inserting event.

So it's only possible to use the Insert Parameters collection when you can set both the parameters themselves and the default values of these parameters at design time.

I have a grid bound to an Entity Data Source control.

Both the Entity Data Source and the grid have automatic CRUD operations enabled.

Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

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