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Below is detailed info and steps for your reference: 1) Set Asp Log Error Requests to True cscript Set W3svc/Asp Log Error Requests "True" 2) Set Asp Errors To NTLog to True cscript Set W3svc/Asp Errors To NTLog "True" 3) Reset IIS Asp Errors To NTLog ( from IIS 6 Help ) ==================================================== The Asp Errors To NTLog property specifies whether IIS scripting errors are written to the Windows Event Log.

The IIs Web Service (ADSI) setting for this property is applicable to all in-process application keys, at all levels.

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One security engineer’s trials and tribulations attempting to comprehend one of the least known but most powerful Windows services.

Before reading this post, please be sure to read @jepayne MSFT‘s excellent post on Windows Event Forwarding: Monitoring what matters — Windows Event Forwarding for everyone Additionally, also check out Microsoft’s Use Windows Event Forwarding to help with intrusion detection If you’re new to the concept of Windows Event Forwarding (WEF), the long story short is that a service exists in Windows where you can specify one or more servers to operate as Windows Event Log collectors.

Aside from the obvious benefit of not having to deploy any additional software, there are some great benefits to using WEF:• Events are encrypted via Kerberos by default• Subscriptions can be created as XML files and backed by versioning software like git (just be sure to validate the XML!

)• New machines are automatically enrolled into the logging infrastructure after joining the domain• WEF can be configured in either push or pull mode• The forwarding interval can be modified Although there’s no shortage of documentation highlighting the benefits of using WEF, the primary focus of this writeup is to explain all of the components that need to exist for WEF to operate correctly and to document strategies for troubleshooting when things aren’t working as expected.4. A subscription is a collection of events based on Event ID’s or other criteria that tell the endpoints which event logs to forward.

Unfortunately for us, the error codes displayed in these messages don’t seem to be documented anywhere.

Fortunately for you, I’ve anecdotally determined what some of them mean.These collectors server as subscription managers and allow you to cherry pick which event logs you would like to collect from endpoints and the forwarded logs are then stored in buckets on the collectors.When using the Windows Event Forwarding service, the event logs are transferred natively over Win RM, which means you don’t have to worry about installing any sort of log forwarder software (Splunk/Win Log Beat/etc) on all of your endpoints to send logs to a centralized location.Enabling them will make IIS log 500 errors generated by ASP pages into application log but not 500 errors from non-ASP web applications.Also you need to restart IIS services(iisreset) to allow these 2 properties take effect. Have you restart IIS services after making changes on the property in metabase?This channel is a great place to look when trying to determine why events from specific subscriptions aren’t coming in.

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