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Additionally, key management positions in the new department were taken from officers and given to newly hired civilian employees.

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In Salt Lake County, control right now belongs to an unelected and unaccountable board of directors that is driven not by a zeal for the fighting of crime or the well-being of officers, but by an obligation to mind the bottom line and keep the profit margin wide.

For their part, the people can’t turn to a man who lives in the community and benefits from the protection and safety he maintains.

At a conference on police consolidation held in 2011 at Michigan State University, Conrad recalled that although the metro mayor touted “the synergy of merger: ten people here, ten people there, they could work more efficiently together,” the department actually ended up hiring “15 or 20 here, and 15 or 20 there.”In fact, the merger was a budgetary disaster.

Conrad estimated that consolidation cost about $85 million.

New communication equipment cost nearly $70 million and allowances for new healthcare plans and other benefits ended up costing another $10 million. The consolidation math doesn’t add up, but the harsh economic realities don’t appear until years after the consolidation is bought and paid for — literally.

That isn’t to say every consolidation will be as big a boondoggle as Louisville.Without simplifying the situation too much, the plain fact is that a business now runs law enforcement in Salt Lake County.Local police chiefs, if they still exist, no longer have any control over policy or procedure.According to the latest data, there are about 18,000 state and local law-enforcement agencies in the United States.Of those, more than 150 have undergone some level of consolidation.Therefore the Sheriff, as CEO of the UPD Corporation, has been catapulted into a position that now directly conflicts with the lawful purposes for which the voters elected him into office.

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