Facebook like button not updating

Select Configure, and the correct values from the procedure should appear on the right of the window.Then refresh your dataset from the Report Data tab. I installed SP1 so that data file would get generated which inturn also fixed the data refresh issue. forum=sqlreportingservices I am having exact same issue in VS 2012.

Interestingly, I was able to ALTER the stored procedure without encountering any errors.

(Perhaps because some combinations of parameters wouldn't result in a failure?

ok, this maybe an older thread, but I kept running into the same problem on occasion.

The absolutely easiest way to fix this is adding the following line of code to the beginning of the stored procedure that produces your dataset for the report: This didn't work for me so eventually I opened the particular report file [filename]in a text editor and surprise surprise it was XML.

There is a disconnect somewhere and I cannot figure out hot to get the tablix to see the updated fields available in the dataset.

I run into this problem frequently and hope I can get a good answer here to return to in the future as I am sure I will need to.

I am working in Visual Studio 2015 and none of the above answers worked for me.

If you are getting the data from a stored procedure, you need to open the file and right click on the data model.

They’re extremely frustrating, but syncing my Instagram updates with my fan page has definitely helped increase interaction with my Facebook fans!

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