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A video has been uploaded to You Tube which shows a couple of young people running up to the home of Fox News, the News Corporation offices in New York.

As they’re filming, an unseen friend of theirs apparently hacks into the large, scrolling sign out front, changing it from the headlines to a lengthy message about how conservatives are lying to Americans and trying to destroy the country’s unions.

It happened a lot, particularly right after the ticker launched in 2001, before it became a more organized duty of the writers.

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Sorry my friend is somewhat annoyingly enthusiastic in the video but it’s one of the best hacks in recent memory so cut her a break.”“The key factor that points to fakery: the flash at :40 seconds that looks like a screen being switched over. There is no evidence that the display can show colors besides amber, but the display flickers with reds and blues. Wouldn’t someone have tweeted about the incredibly technological tomfoolery they just witnessed?

People I follow on Twitter tell the world when is on cable, yet no one said anything about this?

I base my objection on the decisions CNN’s news executives would make during particularly important events to “drop” the ticker.

During presidential debates, State of the Union Addresses and other watershed moments, the ticker would go away, presumably to allow viewers to concentrate on the event at hand.) and national news content, as well as Saints, LSU (SEC) and high school sports coverage.Stay informed from anywhere at any time with our new app.At some point last week when I wasn’t looking, the CNN news ticker crawled its last little factoid across the bottom of the TV screen.Many people may have enjoyed that slow, sometimes arcane and typically incomplete stream of “information” that often raised more questions than it answered and simultaneously displayed two stories differing wildly in tone (see above). Born during CNN’s on-the-fly coverage of the 9/11 attacks, the ticker developed out of two movements happening within TV news at that time: the need to provide constantly updating information in the wake of the terrorist attacks, and a push to make the 24-hour cable news networks resemble Web sites in their presentation.NEW in this version: - Make Weather Page Swipeable - Showing Full Severe Weather Alert Detail - Configuring Daily Forecast Module - Under-the-hood improvements!

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