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Forcing yourself to read the label out loud can help prevent mistakes. As for mix-ups between eye drops and ear drops, keep eye drops and ear drops in their original cartons, as pictures of an eye or ear are often on these but not on the bottles.

Never store eye drops and ear drops in the same location.

Once you’ve used prescription ear or eye drops for as long as the doctor told you, discard the leftover supply so they’re not around to use by accident.

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Her eyes immediately started burning and her vision became blurry.

She then realized that she had actually grabbed a sample bottle of Elocon (mometasone) lotion that her doctor had given her to put on her irritated skin after her allergy shots.

The woman had placed the Elocon bottle in a drawer right next to the eye drops.

Recently we’ve written about people who’ve accidentally placed super glue or nail glue into their eyes, thinking they had their eye drops in hand but instead sealing their eyelids shut.

Mix-ups between eye and ear drops happen for several reasons and may also involve mistakes by health professionals, including pharmacists and nurses.

Bottles can look alike and may be located right next to each other in the home or in pharmacies or clinics where medicines are stored.

In one case a diabetic woman who couldn’t see well accidentally instilled drops meant for her blood sugar monitoring device, called a glucose meter, into her eyes.

The bottle looked just like the eye drops she used for glaucoma.

One situation we’ve seen happen time and again as reported to our medication error reporting program is when someone accidentally places ear drops into their eyes.

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