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It’s thought that older adults do not read facial expressions as accurately as young adults, but that’s not true when the older person is reading the emotions of someone they’re familiar with, like a grandchild. Jennifer Tehan Stanley, associate professor of psychology at the University of Akron, has done extensive research on the topic, which she will discuss when she visits Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, for the next presentation of the Colloquium Series in Psychological Sciences and Human Behavior. 15, in room 180 of the college’s Jack Burke Research and Economic Development Center. Stanley will also discuss how age differences affect the type of humor that we enjoy — after all, there is a reason why an older adult might enjoy “Golden Girls” but would not find “The Office” funny.Jennifer Tehan Stanley, associate professor of psychology at the University of Akron, will discuss this when she visits Penn State Behrend for a special presentation. Her talk, “Face Time with Grandma: Do We Grow Older and Wiser When Reading Facial Expressions? Stanley holds a doctorate in experimental psychology with a focus on cognitive aging from Georgia Institute of Technology.

3G and 4G/LTE data plans can keep you connected anywhere under the sky but do cost something, although only a small percentage of the amount you would pay for cellular calls.

You will however need your SIM card and your phone number, since this is what will identify you on the network. You don’t need to install Face Time as it is already bundled with the i OS 7 operating system.

This Colloquium Series in Psychological Sciences and Human Behavior event is hosted by Penn State Behrend’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree programs and by the student Psychology Coalition with support from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Student Activity Fee.

For additional information, contact Carol Wilson, associate professor of psychology, at 814-898-6082 or [email protected]

You can launch a call right from your phone’s contact list. On a smartphone, you initiate a Face Time call just like you would initiate a regular call. Touch the phone icon to call the contact you selected.

To set up Face Time, in case you just installed your OS or just received your device, go to Settings and select Face Time. Your contact will be called and a session will start when they take the call.If you've got an i Phone running i OS 7 or up, now you can block calls, texts, and Face Time requests.In i OS 6, Apple introduced Do Not Disturb, a feature that lets you block On the Blocked screen, you'll see all of the things you've blocked for this person: phone, email, etc.If you're on i OS 6 and want to block calls, your best bet is to contact your phone company to find out what options they offer.Some let you block a set list of numbers for free, while others charge for the service.With the release of i OS 7, Face Time Audio allows users to make free voice calls worldwide over Wi-Fi or their mobile data plan.

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