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Our dedication and efforts, then, will bear fruit in God's way and time restoring all things in Christ. Introducing the Plan§ 16 § This plan builds upon the work already being done by the Catholic community in adult faith formation. This catechesis will help adults to experience the transforming power of grace and to grasp the integrity and beauty of the truths of faith in their harmonious unity and interconnection—a true symphony of faith.

Lay ministry and catechist formation programs each year form tens of thousands of committed adults for service to the Church's mission to proclaim God's reign.

Catholic universities and colleges welcome adults into a variety of programs designed to foster their personal growth and to help them develop ministerial skills.

Although the task may seem daunting, we need look back no further than the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults twenty years ago to find a model for success.

Today, most parishes participate in the catechumenal process, which has brought the Church in the United States great benefit.

They must be women and men of prayer whose faith is alive and vital, grounded in a deep commitment to the person and message of Jesus.§ 3 § The Church's pastoral ministry exists to sustain the work of the Gospel.

One way it does this is by nourishing and strengthening lay men and women in their calling and identity as people of faith, as contributors to the life and work of the Church, and as disciples whose mission is to the world.

At the same time, we rely upon your pastoral creativity and dedication to implement the plan effectively.

We must go forward firmly rooted in prayer, open to the mystery of God's love, and in touch with the realities of the world.

We will ask them questions and listen attentively as they speak of their joys, hopes, griefs, and anxieties. Ministering to Adult Learners: A Skills Workbook for Christian Educational Leaders, ed.

§ 9 § We will share with them the living word of God, which can touch their hearts and minds and unfold the deep meaning of their experience in the light of all that Jesus said and did.

They were burning because in Jesus the disciples caught a glimpse into the heart of God and found their world made new.

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