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Can such per- sons be fit guides for the youth of their own sex ?

Can thev recollect, that he who does not take care of his houshold, is styled by one of the Apos- tles, worse than an infidel ?

those who never pay, and we who govern our families consci- entiously, must, without vigilance, suf Tcr by the negligent and indolent.

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How half of us can stand this scrutiny, let us ask our own consciences.

XXvil the distinctions necessary in this world, will ceasr, and for our care of whom, while employed in our service, we are to give as solemn an account as of our care of our children.

Madam, It is your injunction, on permitting me to dedicate this work to you, that I shall record you only as the friend of Elizabeth Smith. Here let me speak in my own person, and offer my very grateful acknowledgments of obligation in return for the reception * Gertrude' has met with from the public, and, more particularly, from those whom it was most my ambition to please. — Whether indeed the work iias been, in any instance, wholly condemned, I know not ; for the fear of punishment overcoming the hope of reward, I have not dared to search for any public opinion of it ; and there is in most people a degree of good manners that keeps private censure aloof from the object of it ; but I have been favored with a variety of projects by which Gertrude and her party might have been improved, or her adventures rendered more interesting.


One deleterious fruit of this corrupted soil, is that soporific of houshold care, called * board- wages.' Even in the time of the Spectator, it was considered as pernicious, and certainly manners are not now such as to abate its noxious infiiicnce.

We should weary were we to investigate the multifold causes which contribute to make some mistresses of families worse than good-for-nothing And let it be remembered, if wc may reason by analogy, that as her ladyship died in the reign of Elizabeth, these ser- vants might be what we now term * young ladies.' members INTROBUCTOil Y CHAPTER. We ^vill only name the inor- dinate love of pleasure and of dress — thes*^ things meet the eye of their servants ; their drawing-room follies they may enjoy more in secret ; but these and their consequences, idleness and extravagance, seem to go through the hands of servants, and are not lost in their passage.

When we have a little pushed her in her argument, her last question has silenced us : ' But how is it possible that I can take care of my servants, when, perhaps three times in the week, I am not at home till day-break r' We could have said, that something might be done by way of check in accounts ; but we had been told, that three times in the year was quite often enough for ' that parody on the game of cribbage,' our housekeeper's accounts.

— Then, indeed, we could say no more, but ceased to won* der that his infirm lordship had his separate estu* blishment in another county *\ The ♦ That the innocent suffer for the guilty, couhj be pr .vn# in all the affairs of life.

Amused with the ludicrous, and teazed with the absurd criticisms I have been forced to hear- — and sometimes a little startled by reflecting on the irre- levant ADVERTISEMENT. Good honest roast beef and plum-pudding for me, And your kickshaws of France I wouid ne*er wish to see. And pray dt^i't forget that a cook should be neat In whatever i elates to the food that we cat. The charms of soft opium what numbers declare, So lulling to sense and so soothing to care! Ou] Our feast of to-day a grand It^cture has been, \Vc cannot but profit by what we have seen. The present relaxed mode of govern- ing a family, in too many instances deprives females of that protection which the affluent might, without injury to themselves, and certainly with a great increase of sober satisfaction, afford to the indigent.

For one glaring fault I certainly would apo- logize — the length of the work; but having as often heard it wished six volumes as two, perhaps it is its brevity that I ought equally to defend. Tis shocking to see, with some that are young That nothing is fit to pass over their tongue, Without such profiuion of spirit and spice As would ruin their almost in a trice: It brings on disease, from which physic can't save, And sends them, ai last, to a preniature grave. And let me beseech you would, wholly abstain From using narcotics, which puzzle the brain. The sev'ral ingredients put into the dish Corresponded exactly with what wc could wish. In that of Servitude, we meet an obstacle at the outset.

The sentiment declares itself in an implied injunction to the beholders, to consider the dignity of those who have persons so dignified in appearance to wait on them.

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