Free dirty chat bots

He rewrote the code about a year ago, and now it’s based on Go with a Redis database backend.“When someone talks directly to him, a choice is made,” Toscano explains.“If tofu doesn't know the person, he reads a little bit of their tweet backlog in order to get some material to work with.And the responses are fast—sometimes too fast for Twitter’s rate limits.

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Drunk Shopping is not a person, it’s just a phone number—but it's your best, tipsy friend when you want some companionship during your online shopping sessions. It was created by the three-person team of Chris Baker, Mike Lacher, and Tiger Wang, and it makes them absolutely no money.

You simply send a text to a phone number, initiating the conversation with “heyyyyyy,” and it replies with a ridiculous message and a link to a weird item on Amazon. Baker wrote the copy, Lacher programmed the service, and Wang handled the design.

Chatbots are not new; they're almost as old as the Internet itself.

But suddenly, amidst an infinite amount of flashy, niche social apps, the humble bot-texting-app has become trendy. air to it, but the comfort of those green and blue bubbles does something to offset the absurdity of it.

The basics to the service (picking a name, a photo, an age, etc) are free.

If you want to take things any further, it’ll cost you.

While your conversations with them might be inane, something sends you back.

For whatever reason, tweeting with @tofu_product feels strangely familiar.

He says he may eventually open-source the reply-generation algorithm, but that may have its drawbacks.“Only having one tofu around makes him kind of a novelty, which is fun,” says Toscano.

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