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A great deal of my research of the literature on the subject of water fluoridation was published with two co-authors in October 2010, (Chelsea Green, 2010).

Since 2000 I have served as the executive director of the Fluoride Action Network ( The Case Against Water Fluoridation in New Zealand I shall discuss this case under several headings: 1) Fluoridation of the public water supply is a bad medical practice 2) The evidence of harm is growing 3) The evidence for any benefit from swallowing fluoride is very weak.

2) Ph D in Chemistry from Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA, 1983 These are the details of my professional experience: 1) I taught chemistry at St. 2) From 1985 to 2013 I have been heavily involved in the issue of waste management.

This has involved researching the literature on the dangers posed by incinerators and landfills.

The use of the public water supply to deliver medical treatment is thwart with problems both practical and ethical. 1.1 It is impossible to control the dose people get.

Once a chemical is added to the water to treat people (as opposed to treating the water to make it safe or palatable to drink) it is impossible to control the dose people get. In short, engineers at the water works can control the concentration added to the water (mg/liter) but no one can control the total dose (mg/day) individuals receive or the dosage (mg/kg/day) that bottle-fed infants receive, a critical consideration because of their very small bodyweight. Once fluoride is put into the water supply it goes to everyone regardless of age, regardless of health or nutritional status.

But in addition to the general arguments above, there are other aspects to the fluoride ion, which makes it particularly unsuitable for addition to the drinking water. There is not one single biochemical process in the body that has been shown to require fluoride for normal function (we will see later that fluoride’s predominant action on teeth is topical not systemic).

However, 1.5 There are many biochemical processes that are harmed by fluoride (given a sufficient dose). This is the reason that some of the earliest opponents of fluoridation were biochemists like Professor James Sumner from Cornell University, who won the Nobel Prize for his work on enzyme chemistry.

4) The trial that launched fluoridation in NZ was a fraud.

1) Fluoridation of the public water supply is a bad medical practice This practice should have never begun in NZ or anywhere else.

This research has led to the publication (with my colleague Tom Webster) of six peer-reviewed papers on dioxin; the organizing of three citizens conferences on dioxin; the evaluation of many health risks assessments performed for incinerators; testimony in court cases and public hearings in many states throughout the U.

S.; the production over 50 videotapes on the dangers of incinerators and the details of cost-effective and practical alternatives; over 2000 pro bono presentations to communities and local councils in 49 U. states, 7 provinces in Canada and 60 other countries, and the publication of several articles on risk assessment and waste management.

This level, on average for a woman in a non-fluoridated community, is 0.004 ppm (NRC, 2006, p.40).

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