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It’s also a smart idea to plug in any allergies one may have, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry and can be a great help in certain scenarios.

As an added plus, the app can also be used in place of the Find my i Phone app to retrieve your i Phone if it’s been stolen or is lost.

Many people know that by tapping the screen when taking a photo on the i Phone, the camera automatically focuses on whatever focus was tapped on.

Simply hold down the period icon, ('.') , in the bottom left corner when sending an email to someone, so that a list of short-cuts appear.

These options will pop up on the screen: - from there, tap on whichever ending is needed and it will automatically add it to the end of the email address. While typing out an address in a browser, hold down the '.' to bring up different URL suffixes such as and other easy short-cuts.

This is one trick that many people probably know exists but aren't aware of the function.

Usually the reachability feature happens by accident.

It's the perfect feature if you're on the move with a ton of stuff in your hands and don't have a lot of mobility. Never really understanding the purpose of the Compass app other than for show, there's actually a hidden second feature to the app that is seriously useful and mind-blowing.

It turns out, when the Compass app is open, simply swipe left and your i Phone turns into a handy-dandy spirit level.

Whether you're in a serious situation, a medical emergency, or need assistance, the Medical ID section in the i Phone Health app is key.

Whatever information and details are plugged in here will appear on the lock screen of the phone in the case of someone dialing the person’s Emergency link.

Think of this as a sleep timer set on the TV, but with music.

If you're the type of person that enjoys listening to soothing music before bed or perhaps some delta waves, you know the troubles of falling asleep only to be woken up by bizarre music.

From there, scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says 'Stop Playing,' click that tab and hit the Set button in the top right corner.

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