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(Related tangent: he didn't have a car and lived at home, so his mom would have to give him a ride.)But, a day later, I backed out of the agreement because I couldn't get rid of a deeply unsettling feeling that had grown once I'd agreed to meet up, even in a public area.

Everything is always just a story until you live something similar.

I almost RAN out the door and I was really close to running all the way back to Anna's car. Even having told my husband stories of Cain previously, showing him my old (and terrified) livejournal entries when I found them this week blew him away.

I don't miss the AOL chat rooms one bit--definitely not on my life's highlight reel. Chat though (shout-out to my Web Design:1 friends, wherever you all ended up). Admittedly, I'm still in contact with one (female) friend I met in AOL public chat rooms, but that's because she was one of the few awesome people I encountered. He was fairly certain the world was going to end ...

Omg this is the most interesting thing I have read on reddit in ages. I met done crazies in irc chat rooms irl in the mid 2000s, I am lucky I lived in such a remote/boring town that none of the creepers found me young! chat, since my experience with the former was sketchy as best.

Unfortunately, I had mentioned previously that I had planned on going to the movie with my two high school friends (Anna and Cherish) to celebrate finals being over, and had told him not to go.

.."At this point, I still didn't have the courage to stop talking to him, but I did at least tell him (again) that I wasn't comfortable meeting him. As time went on, he started pushing me to role play more sexual situations (which I refused) and, eventually, would tell me sexual things he wanted to do to me, which scared me. x_x; He said sorry and then cooled off for the rest of the day. "There are a lot more entries in the same vein as above, but, those give a pretty good representation of how I felt about him. I told him when we'd be going to the movie today, not realizing that he'd try to meet me .. I kept brushing it off because when sex wasn't the (forced) topic of discussion, I otherwise enjoyed talking to him. He's happy that I brought his favorite character back to rp with, so he's been less annoying .. x_x; I've been trying to avoid him because he usually tells me what he wants to do when we begin to see each other in real life .. I'm sure I could get out of it if I met him, but I dunno if I wanna take the chance." sexual and, though he bugs me about it, I still won't .. I felt obligated to keep talking to him, though, because, you know, there was this older, sophisticated guy, who thought I was worthy of his time (my mindset has changed a lot since then). Our friendship started off very innocently - I enjoyed role playing original characters and he was interested in that as well. I passed him, so close I could have reached out and grabbed his arm .. Eventually, it progressed to talking regularly "out of character" and becoming friends. In this particular story, I was 14, lonely (I had only 2 friends, Anna and Cherish), had little to no self-esteem (slightly chubby kid), was unhappy in general, and was very flattered when older guys found me interesting enough to talk to me for months at a time, sometimes longer.

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