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2, 1956, "elvis presley pulled out his six–shooter,", "the importance of a window," RICHARD DIEBENKORN: MAN AND WINDOW, 1958, SIGMAR POLKE: NIXON AND KRUSCHEV AS POTATO HEADS, "the satirists had a field day," "there are many ways of intersecting lines"Coagula #45 2000 May p32, DOUGLAS GORDON: THE SEARCHERS, VIDEO INSTALLATION, 1999–2004, "i like it.", "i'm naive enough," "the monolithic marble building,", PAUL STRAND: WALL STREET, 1915, WILLEM DE KOONING: MONTAUK HIGHWAY, 1958Coagula #52 2001 Sum p58, JEAN–BAPTISTE OUDRAY: EAGLES ATTACKING SWANS, "man is an uneven parallelogram,", ROBERT POLIDORI: PHOTO OF THE L. AFTER A THUNDERSTORM, "the young nation loved thunder and"Dog 5(1) 1986 Spr p35, "driving past the circle drive–in theatre,", "i might have felt better," KNIVES CUT BOTH WAYS, "no man can serve two masters,", THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS, STRESS TABS WITH ZINCDolphin p16, "i read in bukowski, 'it was true," "it's one of those twenty–four hours," "my daughter, who is taking high school biology,", ONE ASKS ONESELF IF ONE IS LOSING ONE'S MIND, PATTERNS, REVERSING FIELDSDolphin p18, COCKATIEL, "the kid from the other college tells me,", "on those rare occasions," RESPECTING OUR BETTERS, WILL YOU PLEASE TURN OFF THAT OTHER GUY'S POEM AND LISTEN TO MINE!, "we'd only had the bird a week"Dolphin p21, THE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY TO THE VARIOUSLY COLORED PEOPLES, "he was interviewing some southern moral majority senator," "in 1728, william byrd of virginia, wrote:", THE NIGHT TOM SNYDER SAID SOMETHING INTELLIGENTElec V #1 1999 Win p5, DECISIONS, DECISIONS, LES GRANDS BOULEVARDS, "it's not a good idea," "the newly reformed toad," REFLECTIONS ON ROBERT DUVALL'S APOSTLE, ST.'"Last p38, THE DEMONSTRATION FOREST, DRYING OUT, "eleven years ago, when he obtained," "the first three days he didn't drink till dinner," "from what you've told me of your mother,", HIGHWAY ONE, A SKIRMISH MORE OR LESS FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE, "a self–guided tour explains the manner," "she had just locked up the cafe,", AN UNBITCHY WOMAN IN PORT ORFORD, OREGONLast p40, ALTERNATIVE LIFE–STYLES, THE CAT–DREAM, CONFESSIONAL, IT WAS NO SOONER OUT OF HIS MOUTH THAN HE WISHED HE HADN'T SAID IT, "i dreamed i adopted a cat.", "okay, so i fed a couple of squirrels.", "over a branch–and–bourbon at the campsite"Last p41, "he finds he makes his best time," "i had this dream the other night," A LETTER TO VINCE PRESTIANNI, A MARRIAGE WITHOUT BENEFIT OF CLERGY, ON THE ROAD, "sometimes there is peace between them, and consideration."Last p42, "at the sight of the space needle," THE HELPFUL BARTENDER OF TILLAMOOK, "he had already given them," "outside of town there was a big plain factory," PIONEER SQUARE, SEATTLE, THEY THINK I'M A RUBE BUT I SEE THROUGH THEIR RUSES, "they decided to 'restore' seattle's skid row,"Last p43, "i saw Moses the Lawgiver", "in seattle they caught an english–language," "a psychiatrist on a talk–show described comedians," SIEGFRIED, SKIMMING STONES, THIS ONE IS STRICTLY FOR MOVIE BUFFS, TOAD HAD ALWAYS SUSPECTED THAT HE'D MISSED HIS CALLING, "what else is there to do in nature?

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, NEVER TELL A PHARAOH HE CAN'T TAKE IT WITH HIM, "one thing london teaches you:", "the sixties ended for me"Short p9, ANDROGEN MISANTHROPY, "after john hinckley's infatuation with," "all i know is that," NOT EVEN ACNE, WHICH GOES DEEPER, SCRAMBLING BACK TO THE CLOSET, "the same god who gave to some boys," "there is literally nothing more superficial than a tan.", THE VALUE OF POETRY READINGSShort p11, "i drink more than most,", "i suppose i could have closed my eyes," THE LAST WORDS OF JOHN THE BAPTIST, "a literary pen–pal writes me that," A MATTER OF DEGREE, UNTRAINED BEAR ON A VICIOUS CYCLEShort p12, "The brochure for the new course advertised it," "he was trying to pay me the highest compliment,", "In the middle of the Arizona desert," LETTERS AND SCIENCE, THE NADIR OF AMERICAN POETRY, STUDENT EVALUATIONSShort p15, EDGAR POE MEETS EDITH PIAF, "Houyhnhnms go yum–yum on mornings after.", A MOST DISTINGUISHED COLLEAGUE, "The Philosophy Department advertises:", SWIFT TRAVELS, "sparrows fly into the cellar where"Side Affects side 2, "all the poets complain of her.", DIVORCEE, "'Do you love me?

' I asked.", THE DWARF, "I never liked Elvis Presley," "i know she is hypersensitive," JOHNNY RAY, ON THE RACK, "She went away from us upon a snow–white," THE TOADSister #6 1992 Apr p1, I GUESS THEY PREFER OIL–DRILLING, "I just read that black probation officers in Los," I'LL OPT FOR STRESS, "I listen to the artist, intellectuals, and," "I'm always complaining about how," "I've always maintained that sex is," THE MONA LISA GRIMACE, "My little base model red hyundai excel just," WE COME AS IS, SANS WARRANTIES, WHAT CAN I ADD TO THIS?

' the aging," "the barmaid with the ultra–trim body and frizzy hair," A COMMERCIAL FOR DIE–HARD BATTERIES, DEPRESSIVE, FATHER KNOWS BEST [prose], A REFRESHINGLY HAPPY DEPRESSIVE, SWEET 'N LOW [prose], "this famous serial killer used to drink beer"Bard p111, "by the final hour of the faculty bash," GERRY, ROLAND PLEADS WITH ME, PLEASE FORGET YOUR IMAGE AND REMEMBER YOUR JOB!

, I'LL LEAVE THE HEROINE ANONYMOUS, "i ran into a guy in a bar," MUSICAL COMEDY, "when sending in my travel receipts, i write,"Bard p116, "all the aches and pains and illnesses," THE CONDEMNED MAN'S LAST SUPPER, THE DAY AFTER HE HAS BEEN PLACED IN A FULL–BODY CAST, "hearing that an unknown arsonist," "his horoscope reads,", IN THE FIFTY–FIRST YEAR OF THE TOAD, "i think i would demand an exact replication," THANKS FOR REMINDING MEBard p118, AND I REMEMBER WHY I FLED WEST, "horace greely did not say,", "in the first week of november," "lead, south dakota, is not," A MAN WHO WROTE ONE SENTENCE, "owen wister," TIME IS THE ULTIMATE EDITOR, A TRUE MINING TOWNBard p121, "at the los angeles closing," DAVID HOCKNEY'S A LAWN BEING SPRINKLED, EDGAR DÉGAS: AT THE MILLINER'S, HE'LL GROW UP INVESTING IN THE BIGGEST AND THE NEWEST LIKE DONALD TRUMP, "my god but this young milliner is ever," "the rich are different from"Bellingham 4(2) 1981 Fall p6, "I just received something through interdepartmental mail," I'M A LOT MORE APT TO BREAK, "I read on a Scandinavian postcard," I'VE ALWAYS ENJOYED HER SENSE OF HUMOR, "she's an old friend," THERE IS NO COMPETITION IN THE ARTSBellingham 8(1) 1985 Spr p52, "a good colleague takes the time," HIS GOOD WORKS ASIDE, WHAT IS IT ABOUT RONALD MACDONALD THAT IS OBSCENE?

, "we're discussing hemingway's iceberg theory,"Hem Col p35, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, THE EXISTENTIAL OFFICIAL, "how am i supposed to know," "how many times have i heard the lame excuse," A NOVEL–INTO–FILM PRESENTATION, "near the end of the conference," "a rule of thumb in airports,", SANITY IN AN INSANE WORLDHorsefly p2, AND IF YOU INSIST ON CRYING TRY NOT TO GET MY SHOULDER WET, FINDING ONE'S AUDIENCE, "gene dinielli and i are kidding about," ONE–UPPED AGAIN, "a psychiatrist–friend tells me," "when I say, 'shit, my eyes are nearly sealed"Invisible #16/17 1975 June p28, I'M STILL TRYING TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT, "'I was married,' she said, 'to a retired colonel,", "'Little Lady,' he said,", YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE STARTED, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON?

ISMM (a) side 1, ALSO, OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT THE CREDIT UNION, "almost every night of late my little boy," "at a picnic today, unexpectedly, someone," THE CABBIES ARE IN MOURNING, THE CLAUDE RAINS OF SEAL BEACH, COME SUMMER, "'can i use your phone?

Free T 2(2) 2000 Fall p9, "between sets at a jazz club," CHINESE CHECKMATE, DUET: JUNE CHRISTY AND STAN KENTON, "in the waiting room of the lab," "it's the first time in years," JAZZ AND THEORY, "look at her on the cover of this album," STRENUOUS EXERCISEFuck!

2(6) 1999 June p2, ARTHUR BOYD: MID–DAY, PULPIT ROCK, 1983, EFFICIENT USE OF TIME TOGETHER, "the first breathable color was," "i read in the paper that women," TOAD INTERPRETS THE FINDINGS, "when the lottery jackpot"Hate, AFTER THE FACT, BEER, "A friend of mine once told me," "It takes a lot to get you there, but it won't kill you either.", "Let me teach you, my townspeople,", "my daughter, blake, is in kindergarten.

' she says.", DON'T BE IN TOO GREAT A RUSH, "'Do you like whales?

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